Hi everyone!

Before reading this blog, please click the following link to watch my VLOG, then the Blog will make more sense šŸ˜‰ Enjoy!

This Vlog was recorded on Wednesday 7 th June, it’s now five days later and I am in a different place mentally, so I wanted to show you lovely people the “BEFORE” and “AFTER”.

I have just watched a video called “Embracing Change” by Youtuber Kalyn Nicholson (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tmdiBqc8wus) and she brings up some good points that I want to share.

I am ready to embrace change, and let’s face it: My life is changing in every single aspect, Country, friends, relationships, job, training, dance classes, home… and after a week of craziness in London, I returned home to my Parent’s house in rural France and panicked. The events of the past week and of leaving NYC caught up with me, and all of a sudden I was feeling on edge, afraid of everything but at the same time not sure of specifically what. The excitement of finding a new job, filming a music video and finding a new place to live suddenly turned into overwhelm and for a few days, I was filled with anxiety, so much so that I suffered a panic attack.

Finally for the first time, I awoke yesterday morning with no feelings of anxiety and now I’ve processed everything I’m ready.

I have spent my whole life changing; four different high schools, living away from home since the age of 13, living in a new place every year, and living in three different countries…. What I’ve learnt is change is scary but also good, and every single time I have come out absolutely fine, I find my new routine, make new friends and new acquaintances, get to know my new neighborhood… But for some reason, every new change doesn’t get any easier.

This time, I’m making it easier for myself. Change is GOOD, it makes us grow, it teaches us even more about life. As humans, we need change because we need to be mentally challenged and stimulated otherwise we get stuck in a rut and become too comfortable. There are so many times in my life, I’ve been afraid of change because I was happy with the way my life was going, but I actually found that my life became EVEN BETTER, even more worth while and I became even happier. Right now I may think that nothing could be better than NYC, but it’s about perspective; every situation has pros and cons and even though my NYC life was practically perfect, I know my London life has some exciting things in store thatĀ I didn’t have in NYC.

Kayln also talks about embracing change, because the more you fight it the more the universe will fight you back and make you even more unhappy, even about things that are great. I’m going to go with the flow, and let things happen as they happen, who knows what amazing things await me… and I may miss NYC but I can’t just hop on a plane tomorrow.

You can’t always change you’re circumstances but you can always change you’re perspective.

I’m taking a deep breath, I’m looking at change with a smile on my face and a sparkle in my eye… “Hello, We’ve met before haven’t we?”

I’m excited: Let’s do this.

Photo: Maria Luisa Mejia/ph.bylu