I don’t want to forget.

I don’t want to forget you.

I don’t want you to be forgotten by the person who we hold most dear; you

I will remember the cups of coffee, the perfect cups help by hands so wise. The absence of cracks in their smooth surface, their un chipped shape preserved by hands so gentle and kind.

I will remember, the soft carpet, a jungle of adventures for our cars and dolls, where many a dice was thrown and many a game played.

The pictures on the wall of relatives, of family, of us… the past and the present all under one roof, their frames lovingly polished, never a speck of dust to be seen just like there was never a speck of unkindness in you’re eyes

Every single ornament, object and book in that house was cherished as if it was the last thing to hold on to.

I hold on to the peace, that clock ticking as I sat there at the table, watching… as if the whole world had just stopped. The beautiful field, the birds, the water, the hot air-balloons, I could watch for an eternity… but eternity doesn’t exist

I recall, the many St Nicolas and new years eve celebrations, the childish excitement, the laugher, the magic… watching the soaring sky turn into a spectacle of colours, the hugs and kisses as the new year came upon us.

I still remember that first day, the first time seeing the house, so new and exciting; each year I have returned, taller, new clothes, new hair, older but always the same to you, you’re granddaughter.

The cooking smells, the games we played at the table, homework was always a chore, clean sheets, the clock ticking, the mirror in the bedroom, the tidy garden, the smell of rain, the upstairs attic with its hidden room, our designated beds…. I don’t want to forget

The smiles, your kind eyes, holding you’re wrinkled hand as I danced around you, you’re ballerina. The words exchanged, few, yet always enough, our languages combining

Every night was always the same routine, “Welterusten”, with a kiss on the head….

I don’t want to say “Welterusten” to this….

I don’t want to say “Welterusten” to you

I don’t want to forget.