So its now September 22nd and I have been in New York since 26th July; I have just realized in writing this that in four days time, I will have been in NYC for two months! How times flies when your having fun!

Of course I’m starting a blog due to my Kickstarter campaign as it was one of my rewards for backers, however I’m also starting a blog because I think it would be great to one day look back on all these experiences, and remember how exciting and incredible a time I had here; Because if i’m honest there is nothing in my life I could complain about right now, in fact things are pretty perfect, and how lucky is that!? I know that this is a special turning point in my life and that if i’m being realistic life won’t always be this easy. I know that due to the nature of life, cruel times will come but right now, I am trying to indulge and live in every single moment because I know that it won’t last forever. Sometimes, I breathe in the air in my room, look around me and realize how blessed I am to be living in Midtown, amongst the Broadway theaters, T.V studios and famous streets of NYC. I am so glad that you can’t predict the future, because whatever may be around the corner, in this chapter in my life I am living out my dream and I don’t anyone to ever wake me up.

Now, I also started a blog because I love to write; it is like therapy to me; every time I feel down I write all my thoughts and feelings down, and once I see what is in my mind written in pen on good old fashioned paper, I calm down…. “This is manageable” I say to myself, “I can handle this”, and I close my book and carry on with my day, uplifted, so I can’t wait to feel like this every time I write a new post.


Anyway I hope you got a little sense of me from this introduction, I officially started on the ISVP program at Broadway Dance Center on 1st August and my next post will be about everything I have experienced so far here! And trust me it’s going to be exciting!

Anita xx